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The ABAA (Air Barrier Association of America) requires adhesion testing to be performed in the field on all air barrier material that use adhesion as their means of attachment to the wall.

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The TILE TESTER portable force gauge is an accurate unit, designed for testing the pulling force of installed roof tiles. Easily perform your quality test with our full equipped Tile tester and prevent from loose tiles.  read more...read more...
In business in the US since 1960, COM-TEN supplies its test stands, torque gauges and other products all over the world. Their handheld and test stand solutions measure components found in automotive, aerospace, building supplies and electronics among others industries. Their force gauges, pull testers and application software are used for a wide range of testing methods.

Nowhere is this more important than in the building industry. Subject continuously to the forces of wind, gravity, and even their own weight, not to mention events like earthquakes, buildings under construction need force testers and torque gauges to measure every detail for the structure to be sound. Fasteners that hold roof tiles together must be checked with pull testers to make sure they hold under both normal and any possible abnormal conditions. COM-TEN provides both analog and digital pull testers, and has been doing more and more work with the building industry in the USA and around the world.
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MACH 2014Com-ten will participate to MACH 2014 in Birmingham,
UK on April 7th through 11th at booth 5948 Hall5.

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Quality expo 2014Meet us at  QUALITY EXPO Texas, USA on May 7th through 8th at booth 841.

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Motorized pull tester Motorized pull tester: DrivePullTester

This battery operated adjustable speed motorized tensile tester is used to prove the holding capacity of hundreds of types & sizes of fasteners in roofing, construction, commercial, industrial, and other applications.

Infrared thermometer Infrared thermometer

The IRTEMP is a non-contact infrared thermometer designed for field measurements. Press just one button and you have the surface temperature in a second. It is the perfect tool for contractors, building inspectors or field engineers and is supplied with a belt bag for convenience.

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