ADHOR A : Analog adhesion tester with disposable discs

  • Includes a pack of 10 disposable discs
  • Displays peak force
  • Analog version
5 days


Calibrated with the order


Ship in less than one week


One year warranty

The Adhor portable tester is ideal for your quality test on coating layer. It allows you to evaluate easily in the field the pull strength (commonly called adhesion) of your coating system on various substrates.

The Adhor tester is specially designed for the following domains:

  • Measure the pull out strength between two layers after a repair or new work
  • Check the adhesion strength between concrete structures and the existing substrate
  • Check the adhesion strength between additional overlays and existing substrate
  • Check the adhesion strength of air barrier

The Adhor is used in construction, roofing and in all the industrial and building companies when the bonding strength measurement is required. It simply fits your needs.

This dedicated kit comes with a full range of accessories:

  • A Pull tester with its analog gauge, capacity 2,000lb
  • Lifter foot to attach the discs LFS0250
  • Pack of 10 disposable 2.25" adhesion discs LFM225D

How it works:
A clean disc is glued on a smooth, cleaned surface. This disc is grabbed by the pull tester using a female slotted adapter which stays at the base of the pull tester.
The disc is then pulled off in direct tension using the hand crank of the Adhor tester. The gauge displays the peak pull out force break of the substrate.


  • Coating systems includes: concrete, screeds, epoxy resin coating, laminate, paint and more
  • Substrate: wood, steel, brick
  • Repair and rehabilitation

Norms: ASTM D4541

Data sheet

19.00 lb
2,000 lb
2% Full Scale
Certificate of calibration
Display unit
Maximum travel
5 in
Base opening
6 in
Carrying case
provided lifter foot n°1
LFS 0250

Specific References

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