Com-Ten Industries is the world's largest company and the leading manufacturer of Pull Testers for on-site tests. Additionally, Com-Ten Industries designs and manufactures force and torque measurement solutions for other manufacturing industries. Com-Ten Industries provides products and support services to customers in 50 countries.
Since 1964, Com-Ten Industries has a long tradition leadership and innovation. We continue to expand our product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. Our broad range of capabilities includes creating new and more efficient measurement devices; creating advanced technology solutions that give more features to our customers. Based in Pinellas Park FL, we are constantly improving our capabilities and processes to ensure that our company provide the best options for the customer.
Com-Ten Industries Vision: Innovation, expertise and commitment.

  • Full range of Pull Testers for roofing professionals
  • Special packages for Insulation professionals
  • Tools for safety on height jobs workers
  • Software to collect and save data on site
  • Large range of accessories to address any specific test

About FORCE AND TORQUE solutions for industries:

  • Advanced forces and torques gauges for industrial testing
  • Custom instruments developed for specific needs as motorized doors, extraction resistance of rivets or inserts, spring testers, crimping terminals testers, top load testers for bottles, torque analyzers, and many others.
  • Automatized solutions for the major standards in the metal and plastic industry
  • Large range of grips and fixtures to grip all type of samples.
  • Dedicated and flexible software to make operators life easier

1964: creation in ST Petersburg FL
1984: First pull tester for Floridian Building Codes
1995: Table top testing machines: the 95 series
2005: New twin columns machines up to 20 000 lbs
2007: Merge with Andilog
2008: Creation of specific packages for all majors building tests
2009: Com-Ten s ISO 9001 certified
2010: Creation of a color touch screen for portable force gauge
2011: Portable Motorized PullTester
2012: New blue frame