I get no force indication when pulling a fastner.
The load cell attached to the gauge contains mineral oil. This load cell is sealed with lip seals or "o" rings. The seals wear out and cause an oil leak. If the oil is to low, the gauge will not indicate pull force accurately. The seals must be replaced. The assembly must be evacuated, oil filled then calibrated. Please send your load cell to Com-Ten for repair.
Can I convert my analog fastener to digital ?
Your analog fastener tester can be converted to digital. Depending on the gage size, the load cell may have to be changed.Please contact Com-Ten for details.
The display on my digital fastener tester displays "PU".
The force gauge may need to be reset. To reset remove the batteries. Allow the gauge to reset with no batteries for 5 minutes. Install the batteries and try again. If the display does not work correctly return the load cell to Com-Ten Industries for repair
How do I convert force readings into pressure or PSI?
Force readings are converted to pressure readings by dividing the force reading by the specimen cross sectional area. For example if your peak force reading is 100 pounds and the measured cross section of the specimen is 0.50 inches, peak pressure is 100 / 0.05 or 200 pounds per square inch(PSI). If you are using other force or deflection units, the formula still applies but the result units will vary accordingly. Kg/mm. Nt/meter ect.
I can not turn off my digital fastener tester.
Try removing the batteries. Wait 5 minutes then install the batteries. If this does not help please return the gauge cell to Com-Ten Industries for repair.
What do I return for calibration?
The gauge cell is the only part that requires calibration. The gauge cell consists of the hydraulic load cell and gauge either analogue or digital. The gauge cell is attached to the tester base with two cap screws. Turn the capstan arms counter clockwise to lower the torque bar as much as possible for screw access. If you turn the tester upside down you will notice the screws through the top of the base. Remove these screws then thread the gauge cell off of the power screw. Send in gauge cell for calibration. Gauge cells are interchangeable and replaceable. You may wish to keep a spare for emergencies.
I have lost the capstan arms to my tester. What can I do?
The thread size of the capstan arms is 5/16-18. You may be able to find bolts long enough to do the job short term. When you get tired of the bolts hurting your hands please call Com-Ten Industries and order two each Com-Ten part number capstan arms.
The digital display is blank on my fastner tester.
The batteries are probably dead. Please see your operator’s manual for specific battery replacement instructions. The batteries are inside the digital gauge. You must remove the protective rubber boot from the gauge. Push on the front edge of the boot to push it behind the gauge. Battery access is from the back of the gauge.
I need parts for my fabric lifter foot
Parts, subassemblies and fabric are available. Please contact Com-Ten Industries with a description of what parts you want.
I am checking my fastener tester against a reference and the readings are low.
Your fastener tester gauge cell will only be accurate when the load cell piston is rotated. If you are just pushing or pulling on the gauge cell the internal sealing rings may not allow an accurate reading. The piston must be rotated as it would be performing a test for accurate results.
The gauge pointer is stuck above zero.
Try tapping the gauge gently. Occasionally a gear driven gauge movement will stick and tapping it will free it. If this does not work the gauge has failed or has been overdriven. Please return the gauge cell assembly to Com-Ten Industries for diagnostic.