Reusable adhesion disc 2.25" or 4"

  • Reusable disc for adhesion testing
  • Designed in accordance with ASTM D4541
  • Diameter 2.25" or 4''
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The membrane adhesion adapter is designed to check the adhesion of a membrane to the substrate in the field.
It is designed around ASTM D4541, "Standard test method for pull-off strength of coating using portable adhesion testers".
This test is also on Dade County PA-124 Bond pull test but utilizing a smaller sample, 2.25 square inches.
The LFM225R is a sturdy, thicker fixture that can be ground flat and reused.

A lifter foot LFS0250 is required to fix the membrane on your pull tester.
This lifter foot is not provided with the pack, you must buy it separately.

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