Safor, Pull tester for safety line testing
  • Safor, Pull tester for safety line testing

SAFOR : Pull tester for anchors and ringbolts

  • Designed for safety tests
  • Display peak force
  • Analog and digital version
5 days


Calibrated with the order


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One year warranty

The Safor portable tester is an accurate unit, designed for testing the pulling force of fixings prior to being put into service. Easily prevent accidents by testing on site the fixings to install end brackets and safety harness eyebolts.

The Safor tester is specially designed for the following domains:

  • Measure the pull-out force to validate a safe working load
  • Testing of safety anchorages and Ringbolts
  • Proof the installation of fall arrest eyebolts & single point anchors.

The Safor pull tester is an essential tool in building industries, where it is important to validate and check for faulty fixing anchors.

This dedicated kit comes with a full range of accessories:

  • A Pull tester (with its calibrated gauge 2000lb, analog)
  • Ringbolt adapter 
  • Lifter foot for NTB type fasteners LFN0468 (shank: 15/32” – Head: 2.0”)

How it works:
A tensile load is applied to the fixing mechanically using the hand crank of the pull-out tester.
The gauge displays and registers the peak pull-out force.


  • Scaffold Ringbolt
  • Standard Eyebolts
  • Ladder Restraints
  • Brickwork
  • Masonry
  • Inspection

Can be used in accordance with Standards: EN795

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