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The Tile Uplift portable tester is an accurate unit, designed for testing the pulling force of installed roof tiles.
Easily perform your quality test with our fully equipped Tile tester and prevent issues from loose tiles.

The Tile Tester is specially designed for the following domains:

  • Perform a static test uplift load on tiles
  • Measure the withdraw load to validate a safe installation of tiles
  • Test the uplift strength of in place roofing tiles

Tile Tester is an essential tool in roofing industries, where it is important to validate and check for faulty and loose tiles.

This dedicated kit comes with a full range of accessories:

  • A Force gauge (Capacity 100lb)
  • Handle
  • Chain
  • Tile Lifter foot TLF1120

How it works:
The tile is grabbed by a tile edge lifter foot which is attached to the force gauge by a mounting chain.
A direct tensile load is applied by lifting up the handle of the force gauge. The gauge displays and registers the maximum applied load.


  • Roofing inspection
  • Verification of the bonding of mortar or adhesive set tile systems and mechanically attached rigid
  • Discontinuous roof systems

Can be used in accordance with Standards: Dade County TAS 106

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100 lb
0.25% Full Scale
Certificate of calibration
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Carrying case

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